Don’t forget the smallest room when it comes to colour!

It’s interesting how trends come and go. How we would laugh at that lemon bathroom suite or an avocado loo or even a pink and black bathroom. In our very first home, the old bathroom was the first thing that went in the skip. It had lovely deep enamelled bath in a “baby pink”. Worth a fortune now!!! For many years the “Design Gurus”, would have us think, that the only way was a white sterile bathroom and often in less resilient materials. Wobbly plastic bath anyone? Why oh why?

But not any longer, forget the dull and sterile and think colour and excitement.

Making a big hit in the bathroom has never been easier. If you are in the process of renovating that little room then stop and take a look at what’s available. How does a pink basin with Rose gold taps sound? Or even a black basin with chrome taps? A quick trawl on the internet can give you a thousand ideas.

You don’t have to carry out major surgery. If replacing the bathroom suite is too much, then how about adding a splash of colour in the room using other fittings such as radiators, shelving and finishes.

Check out the links below for some inspiration – lets hope these get the creative juices flowing……

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