Mothers Day Competition Results

After running a fantastic Design Competition with Stafford Grammar school, we are able to share the results with you.

The students, aged 11 to 14, were asked to design and make a gift for Mothers Day, only using what they could find outside or recycle and reuse from their homes.

The students produced a fantastic range of products, from a prosthetic leg for theirs mums favourite broken ceramic horse, to a whole gift set including a card, a decorated pebble and hand made flowers.

The judging process took quite a while over several glasses of wine, before we came to our decision.

So here are the results:-

In first place 🥇 – Charlotte with a great combination of using a recycled jar with natural materials from her local wood.

In second place – Nayan with a hand made paper bouquet and gift tags.

In third place🥉 – Isabelle with a paper crafted bowl to keep all of her mums special little bits and bobs together.

Congratulations and thank you everyone for entering and your support

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