No More Mirrors in Brown Wooden Frames

Let’s face it we’ve all done it! We’ve all had a big mirror in a brown wooden frame and that’s ok. Time for a change and a little bit of design and adventure.

Whilst enjoying a coffee this morning and thumbing through Pinterest as we all do, I came across a great article on “Mirror Trends”. It might just wake the creative monster up! Moving away from squares and rectangles will make a great impact on a space. Colour and materials used for the frame can really change things. I was really taken by spray foam pink mirror a method, now that could get really messy! If DIY is not your thing, then maybe try to think about how you place the mirror. Try grouping small mirrors together to create one large one or grouping several different shaped frames and sizes. A well positioned mirror can create an illusion of a bigger room and reflect light into darker parts of a space.

Click on the links below , see what you think……

Mirror trends 2021

Pinterest 20921 Mirror Trends

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