What Wonderful Weather For A Picnic

Across the country we are all enjoying the fabulous weather. So why not spend some time with family and friends and have a picnic. I’m a quick throw it all in a cool bag and head out doors type, but I know that’s not everyone’s approach. Some people tackle a picnic with military precision, some have a set menu, no matter what the time of year or location and others will just pop into the garage during the journey and grab what’s available.

But food is only one part of a perfect picnic. Location is everything, a walk in a country park could be ideal, or stroll along the canal stopping off for a quick drink at the local canal side pub before sitting on the bank watching the boats go past.

At Tasteful Attractive Things we have a beautiful new range of accessories to help you organise your picnic, from wine carriers to cool bags. So take a look at our website or if you need some inspiration follow the link below for a few more ideas.

Taste of Home – How To Plan A Prefect Picnic


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